Radiant Home Heating in Salt Lake City and Park City

As hot air rises, temperature distribution becomes uneven and drafts result. With forced air heating, even though the thermostat reads 72, you may be uncomfortable because the temperature at the floor is 68 while the temperature at the ceiling is 80 or 90. You end up with a hot head and cold feet.

Before After Large room in a house under construction with heated floor before concreteCompleted and furnished room with heated floor.

Radiant Heat vs. Forced Air Home Heating

Radiant home heating systems spread heat evenly throughout the room. This warm floor will provide direct, conductive warmth to anything in the room. Because objects in the room have been heated rather than the air being heated, radiant floor heating eliminates the hot and cold spots. It is easy to see how radiant home heating is more efficient than forced air. Remember that hot air rises. A warm floor will keep your feet cozy, while a cold floor will steal heat out of your feet. Comfort is the primary reason for choosing a radiant heating system.



Replacements, Upgrades or Questions

Image of house under construction with floor heating being installed.


Personal Benefits

  • Warm wood, tile, concrete, & vinyl floors
  • Multiple temperature zones
  • Silent operation
  • Constant temperatures
  • Dust-free heat (no filters necessary)
  • Natural humidity (no humidifier necessary)
  • Flexibility

Home Benefits

  • Walls & ceilings free of large duct work
  • Flexible furniture placement
  • Expandability with future growth
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of floor coverings

Radiant Heating is the most economical way to heat a home

Although radiant boilers and forced air furnaces have similar operating efficiencies, heat loss differs sharply. Studies show forced air systems can lose 25 to 35 percent of their heat before it reaches the room. In radiant systems, the maximum loss in transmission is 7.5 percent, when the systems are properly designed, installed and insulated.

We Offer Repair & Replacement Services too

In addition to the installation of new systems, we offer radiant heating repairs and radiant heating replacement systems throughout the Salt Lake City and Park City areas. Contact our radiant floor specialists today to learn more about your options and to get a free consultation.