Snowmelt Systems

Whether you have a long, steep, and curving path or a pad in front of the garage, a snow-melt system can make your driveway the best part of a snowy day instead of the worst.

Our Park City snow melt services are second to none, and on the coldest days, the safety and convenience of our heated driveways and heated sidewalks provide you with a luxury you can’t live without.

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Why Choose Snowmelt Systems for Your Driveway?

Safety – Accidents are less likely to occur on surfaces where snow and ice have not accumulated, and fresh snow melts more easily when it isn’t sitting on top of older ice and snow. Stay accident-free when walking or driving on your property with elite snow melt services with Harris-Dudley.

Reduced Maintenance – Save valuable time and free yourself from shoveling, plowing and salting. Wintering in Park City or SLC should mean time on the slopes, enjoying Sundance movies or visiting the city’s many fine restaurants. However, keeping your driveway free of snow and ice is also necessary. Make more time for fun and excitement with a new heated driveway system, or repair your existing system with snow melt services.


  • Safety
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Concrete & Pavement Last Longer
  • Health (you won’t slip on snow or ice)

Concrete and Pavement Last Longer

Freezing overnight temperatures during winter nights and warmer days can do a number on walks and driveways. With snow melt services and systems in Park City, however, you can eliminate the freeze and thaw cycles to extend the life of concrete, asphalt, and, especially, brick pavers.


A snow melt system serviced regularly can dramatically reduce your chances of back injuries, muscle strain or heart attacks induced by shoveling snow. Avoid dangerous snow blower accidents and the risks that come from hiring help to clear your walks and driveways. Choose Harris-Dudley installation instead. Call today to learn more about snow melt services in Park City and throughout Summit and Salt Lake counties

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